Transforming the Auto Hauling Industry

As it is now, the auto-hauling industry is fundamentally broken. Carriers across the industry are driving empty miles during an unprecedented capacity shortage.
Carriers across the industry are driving with unfilled capacity space during an unprecedented capacity shortage.


The Auto Hauler Online Marketplace: The Future of Automotive Logistics

Too many shipments are being combed over by the middleman before they get to the carrier, which drives down carrier revenue and freight selection to meet their needs. AHX gives shippers the opportunity to directly market their shipments with carriers before posting those vins on a load board or accessing a third party. AHX helps carriers see the shipments first with shipper direct pricing.

AHX gives control back to the carriers, and the benefits are dramatic.

  • Auto Hauler Exchange provides the industry with lower-cost volatility.
  • AHX reduces emissions by eliminating empty miles and maximizing auto hauler capacity.
  • AHX curates the highest-quality carrier network.
  • Carriers have more of a work-life balance, and it’s in their own hands to choose which shipments fit their needs each day.
  • Carriers have the option to remain in the local area, further enhancing fuel efficiency, reducing wasted time, and improving the work-life balance.
  • Because AHX is in real-time, carriers no longer have to waste hours waiting for shipments and vehicles to move.

Auto Hauler Exchange Benefits for Carriers

Carriers don’t have to pay any fees to participate in the auto hauler exchange dashboard. Carriers can sign up for free!

Auto haulers have paid enough for the maintenance of trucks and by working through the market’s tumultuous ups and downs. Skilled drivers who are committed to high safety standards are all that’s required.

If your goal is to maximize your capacity, eliminate empty miles, and take control of what shipments you move, then the Auto Hauler Exchange is for you.

Bottom line: There is ZERO risk to carriers who choose to take advantage of the Auto Hauler Exchange platform – but countless benefits.

You get shipper direct pricing, frictionless shipment selection, digital dashboard to track analytics and shipment data, one payment processor, and much more. 

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