Effective Vehicle Shipping Solutions Digitized

The Auto Hauler Exchange digital dashboard creates bigger opportunities for shippers while optimizing the supply chain process. When you become a shipper through the Auto Hauler Exchange platform, many of the mundane, time-consuming steps are eliminated.
Digitally connect direct to carriers, while being confident that you are getting highly qualified carriers who are continuously monitored to ship your vehicles.

Better yet, because the platform does create some level of competition, your vehicles are more likely to be moved faster than ever before. Another added value is that payments are processed directly by AHX. So that’s another task off your plate.

If they choose, because of our top security tools shippers can also set their parameters in the system so that only certain carriers can view inventory in our platform.

In the event that vehicles aren’t selected by a carrier, shippers still retain the option to set parameters to pull the vehicles back to their network of carriers at their leisure, or digitally. The technology gives the shipper the control to assign a carrier in their own network.

Vetting the Auto Haulers on Behalf of Vehicle Shippers

Auto Hauler Exchange will vet and monitor each carrier to the specifications of each shipper. Because of AHX’s high tech electronic components and online automation, the Exchange is built to connect directly to live monitoring systems to watch the carriers’ safety ratings, insurance ratings, and more. With this feature, shippers can feel confident that AHX they’re using competent, insured, professional carriers.
One of the greatest values added for the shipper is that they no longer have to source carriers and manage each lane. AHX also offers several managed services options, such as claims management, live shipment track and trace, and daily analytics data to optimize routing and capacity. AHX leverages technology to eliminate these tasks from your day to day.

Automated Tracking of Vehicle Shipments

The Auto Hauler Exchange online marketplace features day-to-day and historical analytical data. Shippers will be alerted when vehicles are delivered, and performance orders will show how many vehicles are moving week-to-week, quarterly, and annually.

Auto Hauler Exchange has API connections that can automate as much of this process as possible, so you, as the shipper, don’t have to do unnecessary legwork.

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