About Auto Hauler Exchange

Auto Hauler Exchange equals opportunity…

Opportunity to change how vehicles are shipped.
Opportunity to maximize capacity by eliminating empty space on trailers.
Opportunity to drive down emissions by eliminating empty miles.
Opportunity to use a digital platform to connect carriers to shippers direct.
Opportunity to utilize technology to create an efficient supply chain.

It’s a paradigm-shifting evolution of the industry that can empower carriers.
It’s a revolutionizing digital platform that streamlines shipping processes.
It’s a powerful Tech solution for everyone involved.

Started by industry professionals with years of logistics expertise, Auto Hauler Exchange was founded on the belief that the vehicle shipping process could be easier by leveraging technology to create innovation.

And it can be — when shippers and carriers connect directly through online tools. It’s as simple as that.


Auto Hauler Exchange


AHX’s Commitment to Technology Develops a Greater Tomorrow

Auto Hauler Exchange has created an innovative solution to auto hauling management.

AHX is a comprehensive system that offers both auto haulers and vehicle shippers multiple resources and benefits.

They include the following:

  • Procure to Pay
    • Carrier onboarding: Carriers are onboarded and verified through rigorous vetting.
    • Preferred methods: Payouts are facilitated by marketplace specialty providers.
    • Legal agreements: Contracts, commercials, and terms are digitized for both shippers and carriers.
    • Automated suspension: Carrier approvals and suspension are triggered by adverse events.
  • Lead to Order
    • Singles and FTL: Listings are versatile, supporting both singles and FTL.
    • Fixed pricing: Shipper direct pricing which cuts out the middleman.
    • TMS integration: Listing details and vehicles are added to the transportation system for tracking.
  • Order to Cash
    • Seamless accounting: Contract terms and dates applicable are stored at an order level.
    • Domiciled settlement: Real-time multi-currency reporting is provided in domiciled currency.
    • Payment terms: Payments go directly to the online marketplace – will handle carrier disbursements.


Online Marketplace Configuration and Operations

  • Dashboard, insights, and reporting
  • Contextual messaging and collaboration
  • Email, alerts, and notifications
  • Predefined role-based permissions
  • Customizable permission groups
  • Internationalization and local currencies
  • Categories, collections, and product templates

Vendor Management

Vendor Management and Self-Service

  • Affiliates, sellers, and wholesale vendor types
  • Affiliate referral tracking and microsites
  • Self-service onboarding and contract selection
  • Payment and contract management
  • Self-service catalog and order management

Financial Management

Financial Management and Compliance

  • Period-based affiliate and seller commissions
  • Vendor financial statements and fees
  • Vendor self-service information capture and updates
  • Several payment providers integrations
  • Vendor payout accounting and adjustments

Storefront Experience

Online Storefront Experience

  • Mobile PWA-ready reference storefront
  • Configurable social media properties
  • Customer profile and order history
  • Multi-vendor carts, shipping, and checkout
  • Abandoned cart retention
  • Branded customer engagement emails
  • Multiple sites with scoped product catalogs


Technology and Infrastructure

  • Headless e-commerce and online marketplace platform
  • GraphQL APIs with Intellisense Playground
  • Event-driven webhook subscriptions/custom apps
  • Built to scale with kubernetes and microservices
  • Enterprise setup with learn, test, and production
  • Highly available database with data residency
  • Growing curated third-party app marketplace

Auditing & Controls

Auditing, Controls, and Security

  • CDN deployment with DoS mitigation
  • Comprehensive platform logging
  • Multiple role permissions for operators and vendors
  • Ability to ban, suspend, and deactivate vendors
  • Authentication through JWT and bearer tokens
  • Vendor AML, KYC, and OFAC information

Our Team

The Auto Hauler Exchange team has more than 50 years of combined industry knowledge in automotive logistics and software development. The platform was built with a combination of logistical experience and technological knowledge.

Our leadership has a proven track record of building successful businesses from the ground up, so we have climbed this mountain before.

We are proven operators. We know this industry inside and out and understand how to build a well-oiled machine to run the day-to-day.

Our carrier procurement process and team are unmatched, and the foundation is strong.

Our Mission

To create an online community for shippers and carriers to connect directly and eliminate empty miles while maximizing capacity. We want to give the control back to the carrier to allow them to fill their trucks as they see fit, while connecting them direct to the shipper and cutting out the middleman. Our technology creates a frictionless, efficient environment for vehicle logistics.

Our Purpose

Freight markets are at an all-time high — yet carriers still drive empty miles and capacity is still not being maximized.

We are living in a digital world. Allowing shippers and auto haulers an opportunity to connect digitally, on the go, is where the industry needs to move.

And that’s where we are moving it.

Our carrier procurement process is our unfair advantage! We are the first to market with a pure digitization model to move cars throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Our Green Initiative

Going digital helps reduce the carbon footprint in the environment in multiple ways, from minimizing gas emissions and wear-and-tear on the roads to saving trees and protecting waterways from runoff.

As a result of our digital model, we will reduce empty miles driven by auto haulers immensely as well as maximize truck capacity, both of which lower emissions.

AHX will also be able to track which carriers and how many shipments are being moved on lower emission, or electric trucks, to help facilitate our partners’ green initiatives.

We will push electronic BOLs, inspection reports, and proofs of delivery to facilitate our partners’ green initiatives. Furthermore, we will digitize and create paperless billing and payment to further protect our environment.

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