Digitizing Vehicle Logistics

Our paradigm-shifting digital platform will transform the auto hauling industry for good in a way that’s frictionless, simple, and effective.

By connecting carriers and shippers directly, carriers can save time and choose which opportunities fit their needs each day. Carriers can maximize their capacity and eliminate empty miles. At the same time, shippers can rest assured that their vehicles are being moved by qualified, vetted carriers who fit their vetting program. The Auto Hauler Exchange eliminates the middleman and connects shippers directly to available carriers and available capacity.

How the Auto Hauler Exchange Platform Works

Through the Auto Hauler Exchange platform, vehicle shippers can upload details about vehicles that they need to be moved, including the make, model, pick-up location, drop-off location, and cost details.

Carriers can then select to move certain vehicles depending on what’s most convenient and beneficial for them. The AI platform features a dropdown menu, so carriers can select the shippers in order to review the vehicles they need to be shipped. The platform also features a cart for checkout, allowing carriers to fill their trucks before heading out.

Carriers can search within mile parameters, city, state and specifications such as single vehicles and truckload.

AHX manages the payment processing for the carriers and shippers. This allows the shippers to receive one invoice from AHX no matter how many different carriers move vehicles for them. It also speeds up the payment for the carriers. AHX has multiple payment options to fit each carrier’s needs.

Other exciting value-adds of the Auto Hauler Exchange platform include:

  • Claims management for the shipper
  • Carrier onboarding and paperwork management
  • Optional managed service opportunities
  • Shipment track and trace
  • Historical analytical data showing what was moved, what didn’t move, and how quickly something was moved in order to identify weaknesses and successes

The Supply Chain Trend of the Future

This unprecedented economic climate has forced many industries to think outside the box, and the freight management and supply chain industry is one that can be revolutionized for the better.

Today’s consumers are used to purchasing anything they want with their thumbs. Online shopping has gone from a trend to a reality. This is how we buy our food, clothes, household goods, and more. This is who we are as consumers, and that trend has carried over to buying vehicles.

A greater number of drivers are purchasing vehicles online today, and that trend is expected to continue indefinitely. With that in mind, the way we ship vehicles has to adjust. We must find more efficient and flexible ways to move vehicles. By connecting shippers and carriers directly through the Auto Hauler Exchange platform, the entire process can be automated for the benefit of both carriers and shippers. This is the frictionless efficiency the industry needs to move forward.

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