How Auto Hauler Exchange is revolutionizing the Auto Hauling industry

Auto Hauler Exchange is a technology based B2B marketplace connecting carriers to shippers, but what does this mean to you? Well, the Exchange is unlike anything you’ve seen before, we have created a platform that deletes the middleman. We are bridging together carriers and shippers directly, meaning the control is back in the hands of the creator.

Now, how does this look? Take Amazon for example, you are able to log in, find what you need, get it delivered at a time you need it by. Essentially the Exchange is doing just that but for car haulers. Car haulers can log on and see available loads, the routes, and the price- the difference from other load boards is these loads are coming directly from the shipper. The shipper is setting their price, their ETA, and their delivery time. There are no extra touches happening, what you see is coming straight from the shipper listing their vehicles. Basically, the price posted is what the carrier gets- AHX does not take a percent, what you see is what you get. Our system is built to put the control back in the carrier’s hands.

You may be asking “if you are paying the carrier and billing the shipper doesn’t that make you a broker?” to put it simply- no. We are not a broker, we do not negotiate any portion of the shipment, nor do we get involved during the transit of that shipment. No fees, the payment process is automated- no calls, text or emails. We are a technology-based platform, the only thing we do is manage the fintech portion of the transaction for the shipper and carrier.

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